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Australia Day council of south australia about us

On Australia Day we celebrate all the things we love about Australia: our land, sense of fair go, lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy and, in particular our people.

History did not start with us; the fair, nurturing and abundant spirit of Australia was here from the beginning.

Australia Day is about celebrating what we have become as a nation, not how we started as one, and in acknowledging our indigenous communities and their welcoming nature, this is exactly what the team strives to deliver every day at the Australia Day Council of South Australia. (Houssam Abiad, Chairperson, ADCSA)

The Australia Day Council of South Australia (ADCSA) is an independent, non-profit, membership-based association. 

Our vision is to inspire national pride and spirit to enrich the life of all Australians. ADCSA works with and for the community to unite the people of South Australia, to celebrate excellence in our communities and to debate and discuss our national identity. 

To of encourage all Australians to 'Celebrate What's Great' about Australia and being Australian, we host major events and programs that focus on Australia Day and the stories that surround our National Day.

National programs that we co-ordinate at the State level include:


Our major Statewide events include:

 The ADCSA also acts as an umbrella organisation for Australia Day events providing marketing support to help spread the Australia Day message. At the local Government level, the ADCSA provides support to Councils and organising committees for their 130+ Australia Day events.

We also have an Aussie Merchandise program which raises valuable funds for our activities.

 At the State level, we run the following programs:

These Awards are presented at the Australia Day Awards Ceremony at Government House.

 Funding and support comes from the Australian Government (via the National Australia Day Council), the Government of South Australia, The City of Adelaide, our membership base (including all Local Councils, Corporate Club and Individual Members), sponsorships, grants, merchandise sales and partnerships.

The Australia Day Council of South Australia is a Registered Charity

The Australia Day Council of South Australia is STARservice accredited


The Australia Day Council of South Australia is a Member of the Following Organisations:

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 Australia Day Council of South Australia and Reconciliation

The Australia Day Council of South Australia recognises the different opinions surrounding the date of Australia Day. Many see Australia Day as a time to discuss issues affecting our national identity and we encourage the discussion and debate around our national day.  The date upon which Australia Day is celebrated is determined by our Federal Government. 

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