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Wayne Anthoney: Actor, Theatre Director, Acting Teacher, Stand-up Comedian, Clown and Magician

Wayne trained as a scientist at Adelaide University, graduating in 1962, and worked with early computers until opting for a different career path in 1974.

He has worked as Humbolt the Clown and done many film roles, most recently playing one of the guilty priests in “Oranges and Sunshine”. He has also taught part-time at Adelaide College of the Arts since its first year of operation and has written several plays.

In 1996, he took a job as Project Manager for Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation, near Ayers Rock. During the nine years he was there he hardly performed at all. The years in the desert, working cross-culturally at a high emotional level, have influenced him greatly.

He recently published a book, “Travels In A Foreign Land”, it being a memoir of his more than thirty years’ experience with Aboriginal people in Central Australia.

His most recent theatrical work was a play co-written by himself and colleague, Jenn Havelberg. Titled “Never a Drop to Drink” - a bleak black comedy concerned with life in Adelaide after all the water runs out and most people have left. Wayne and Jenn performed it for a two week season at the top of a deserted building in Adelaide.


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