National Shearing and Wool Handling Competition

South Australia's Community Event of the Year 2024

Held in Jamestown on October 21 & 22, 2023, the National Shearing and Wool Handling Competition was organized by a committee chaired by Matt Scharkie and supported by Steph Lunn and Jenni-Lee Case. Over 600 people attended the event as competitors, spectators, sponsors and volunteers, with visitors coming from all over Australia and New Zealand.  

The event included a formal dinner for teams, officials and sponsors, attended by over 300 people. A Jamestown Show Shear and Wool Handling competition brought in over 250 competitors, running from 8.00am well into the evening, with the wool to be classed, pressed, baled and branded throughout the day. That night there was a Trans-Tasman competition, accompanied by live entertainment. On the final day, the National Event was held with over 170 participants from all states competing.  

This event resulted in a significant economic and social benefit for the region, ensuring extra income for local businesses such as pubs, bakeries and cafes, and booking out all local accommodation. A substantial profit was generated, and other community groups were also able to raise funds across the week.  Socially the event brought the community together and has been praised by the governing body, Shear Australia. A range of community members contributed, organising, volunteering, sponsoring and promoting the competition.  This really was a community event!