Jade Brook

South Australia's Active Citizenship 2024

Instrumental in the creation of Love out Loud, a community program feeding vulnerable families in Mount Barker, Jade actively engages in initiatives that contribute to her community’s advancement and overall well-being. Her advocacy for the homeless, facilitation of Aboriginal networking groups and dedication to reconciliation efforts showcase a commitment to building bridges and creating a supportive environment for all.  

Jade has not only embraced a sustainable lifestyle but has also shared the bounty of her garden with others. She has forged meaningful relationships with corporations such as Woolworths, Mission Australia, Wise Employment and SAPOL, gathering resources and support for community initiatives. Love out Loud has distributed over 1600 free food bags to the community over the past two years.   

Her involvement in initiatives such as the Aboriginal People Providing Service networking group, the Adelaide Hills Reconciliation Working Group, the Tier One Consumer Engagement Board for the local health network and by conducting Cultural Workshops at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market and schools, exemplify Jade’s dedication and commitment to fostering understanding and unity.  

Having completed the Graduate Diploma of Leadership, Jade received a scholarship for the Five Stones Leadership, a national Aboriginal leadership course. She has since shaped conversations during country cabinet sessions and contributed to the culturally safe design of a new emergency ward in the local hospital. Jade’s contributions to the Mount Barker community span environmental sustainability, cultural awareness, social advocacy and community support, demonstrating her dedication to and passion for positive change.