Mohammad Abazly

Award for Leadership in Languages and Cultures - Category 1 - 2024

Mohammad is a year 10 student at Unley High School.  He speaks Arabic and English and has studied Italian for 3 years.  In 2024 Mohammad is undertaking the IB Diploma Program and begins learning a fourth language, Spanish this year. Mohammad established and leads the Languages and Cultures Club at Unley High School which has over 30 students representing Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese languages and cultures to name a few. These students meet regularly to engage in learning and promoting languages and cultures that are representative across the student population.    

For students of Muslim Faith, Mohammad was also instrumental in establishing a prayer room. This highlights Mohammad’s drive to strengthen the sense of belonging for linguistically and culturally diverse students. Mohammad is an active member of the Student Voice Council and supports the organisation through cultural events including Harmony Day and Languages week. Mohammad initiated Unley High School’s involvement in OxCLO (The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad a contest for language for secondary school students). Unley High School is the first State Government school to participate with two teams representing the school. One of these teams took part in the South Australian version of the competition in December 2023.