Isabella Courtney

Inspiring South Australian Women's Award - Emerging Leader - Recipient 2024

Isabella at just 20 years of age saw the need to provide a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and vulnerable communities. She founded the not-for-profit organisation the PIEA Project, where PIEA stands for ‘Promote Improvement, Equity, Achievement’. Isabella is a volunteer who invests her time into breaking cycles of inequity in education, ultimately helping to shape brighter futures for each child that the PIEA project helps. The goal of the project is to be able to offer free education assistance and resources, including essential school supplies, to disadvantaged students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to access this type of assistance. At present, the project runs a homework club in conjunction with not-for-profit Puddle Jumpers.  

Isabella is also an avid fundraiser, organising charity events and raffles through her work at Adelaide University, as well as through personal endeavours for the Adelaide City Plunge, she has contributed significantly to various local charities. One parent, whose daughter is currently in year 5, has claimed that ‘the accessibility of the program is fantastic. She loves coming every week, it certainly isn’t a chore to get her here’. These types of testimonies display the environment that Isabella creates and promotes for the homework club; one that is inclusive, exciting and encourages success.

** Allivia Pratt (Isabella Coutney’s friend) has received the award on her behalf