Justin Barola

Award for Leadership in Languages and Cultures - Category 2 - Commendation 2024

Justin has completed Year 12 language studies at Roma Mitchell Secondary College and is a leader promoting the learning of Languages at the school. He speaks Filipino as his home language, has impeccable English skills, and continues to learn Japanese at University whilst he studies to become an accountant. When Justin has down time from his university studies he returns to his former school as a Student Support Officer assisting the International Education leader.  Justin supports the international students and assists them to achieve better grades by inspiring them to believe that they can achieve anything. These students are from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds with English as their second, if not their third, fourth or fifth language. He has worked with students and staff from many cultures, amongst them Afghani, Filipino, Vietnamese, Cambodian, French, Japanese, Australian and Indigenous Australians. Justin has also hosted exchange students and has become an integral link in the chain of international relations.   

Justin received a scholarship to study accounting in Japan for six months, furthering his language acquisition and his intercultural capabilities.