David Duncan

Award for Leadership in Languages and Cultures - Category 1 - Commendation 2024

David is studying at Jamestown Community School and is embarking on his final two years of his secondary school education. David has shown outstanding commitment to the study of languages and cultures. He has studied Spanish since Year 8 and is the sole student in his school who has opted to study a language at senior secondary level through Open Access College. David also began learning Khmer in Cambodia in early 2023. Born in Australia, David resides in a monolingual, monocultural community. As an Australian citizen, David embodies the values of inclusivity, understanding and compassion. His dedication to fostering connections and strengthening cultural bonds transcends the boundaries of his rural hometown.    

 David travelled to Cambodia on a cultural exchange program through the school.  His purpose was to teach Cambodian students English and elevate their socio-economic standing. This assisted the students by making them more employable and stimulating the support and future opportunities for their generation via literacy appreciation.   

David’s linguistic capacity in English is comprehensive, hastened by his steadfast commitment to growth. His leadership skills, combined with his profound intercultural understanding, will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to society. He is not just a student; he is an ambassador of cultural understanding and a testament to the power of language as a bridge between different worlds.