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Smoking Ceremony

Australia Day Smoking Ceremony, picture of leaves smoking as part of traditional ceremony.

Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom among Aboriginal Australians in which native plants are burnt to produce smoke and acknowledge the ancestors and pay respect to the land, waters and sea of country. The smoke is believed to have healing and cleansing properties. 

The theme of the Smoking Ceremony will be ‘Mourning in the Morning’; a sincere acknowledgement held for all First Nations Peoples and Friends. The ceremony, held on Kaurna Country, will include truth, love, respect, hope, sharing and storytelling of our past, present and future.

Join us in the morning of Australia Day in Elder Park (Tarntanya) to learn more about Aboriginal culture and experience this important event. 

The Ceremony will involve a Welcome to Country, led by Uncle Fred Agius,  Uncle Major 'Moogy' Sumner and Rosemary Wanganneen as well as performances by the Iwiri Choir. 

26 January, 2020: 7:00am

Free Event
Family Friendly
Elder Park (Tarntanya)






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