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Citizen of the Year Awards

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards

Who makes a real difference in your community?

The Citizen of the Year Awards are proudly presented by the Australia Day Council of South Australia, Sarah Constructions and  Channel 9, and are administered by local Councils across South Australia.

The purpose is to recognise those people in the local community that are making outstanding contributions. On Australia Day every year every local council will name their Citizen of the Year for their local community and at a special ceremony on the Grounds of Government House a State winner will be named in each category. 

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State Recipients: South Australia's Citizen of the Year Awards 2019

The South Australian Citizen of the Year 2019

Ingrid Kennerley (District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula)











Ingrid has contributed many hours of volunteering within the Cummins community with various sporting clubs and community groups. Her unselfish and enduring devotion to the community is inspiring and has made Cummins a better place for its citizens. Ingrid’s personal experience with the tragedy of suicide has enabled her to provide support for community members when it’s needed and to be a mentor on the Empowering Lower Eyre – Suicide Prevention Network. Committee.


Commendation Award for the South Australian Citizen of the Year 2019

Derryn Stringer (Wakefield Regional Council) 

At Snowtown Centenary Park Sports complex, the football club had a shed that was used as change rooms and, on game days, as a canteen. Derryn Stringer’s vision was for this to become a pavilion to host meals after training and post game day functions and community events. Derryn has spent hundreds of hours working on funding the project, sourcing contractors, materials, organising working bees, as well as many days and nights spent at the pavilion himself. What he has achieved and the effort that he has made to achieve it is truly extraordinary.


The South Australian Young Citizen of the Year 2019

Scout Sylva-Richardson (City of West Torrens) 

Scout Sylva- Richardson is a 14 year old student who has an Autistic 11 year old brother. Scout found there was a real lack of resources around children with Autism so decided to be proactive and write her own resource from a personal experience. Scout’s book has since been delivered across schools and organisations in South Australia and nationally and a second print is being organised to meet demands.

Commendation for the South Australian Young Citizen of the Year 2019

Joseph McMahon (City of Mount Gambier) 

Joseph McMahon is a caring, compassionate and supportive individual to his local community. At 15 years of age he has achieved many accolades in community service, public speaking, drama, sport and music. He has been described by his principal as “a caring member of our school community”.

Joseph is an active and well-respected member of the St John Ambulance Cadet Division and through his dedication and community work he is wanting to pursue a career as an Ambulance Service Paramedic.

The South Australian Community Event of the Year 2019

Owen Primary School

Rope for Hope (Wakefield Regional Council)

“We may be kids, but we can still make a difference”. In response to the drought conditions affecting farmers in 2018, students at Owen Primary School organised “fiver for a farmer” day, where all students came dressed as farmers and donated $5. What began as an idea from some big hearted middle primary students concerned about the drought in parts of SA, evolved into a major fundraiser, which not only provided truckloads of hay for farmers in need, but also highlighted the crisis, and gave hope to farmers doing it tough.


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