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Sports Polo (Ladies)



Wear this sports polo and be sun smart. Comfortable fit. Available in white and navy and in sizes 10 – 22.  Please note this is the new logo.

 Due to precautionary measures, please expect delays in delivery.

This item does not form part of the Australia Day Branding Program grant

Code  Item
AD45W10A Ladies, White, Size 10
AD45W12A Ladies, White, Size 12
AD45W14A Ladies, White, Size 14
AD45W16A Ladies, White, Size 16
AD45W18A Ladies, White, Size 18
AD45W20A Ladies, White, Size 20
AD45W22A Ladies, White, Size 22
AD45N10A Ladies, Navy, Size 10
AD45N12A Ladies, Navy, Size 12
AD45N14A Ladies, Navy, Size 14
AD45N16A Ladies, Navy, Size 16
AD45N18A Ladies, Navy, Size 18
AD45N20A Ladies, Navy, Size 20
AD45N22A Ladies, Navy, Size 22

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