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Bellata Art Print



Australian made Aboriginal Art Work featuring the Art Print on laminated cotton drill, ready to frame.

The print is a great quality, artistic souvenir, unique to Australia. The print is beautiful, unique and instantly recognisable as Australian Aboriginal Art. Easy to fold, and very lightweight, this gift won't take up too much room or weight in luggage - making it the perfect item to send back with visitors or family. 

The main feature in this artwork depicts the Kangaroo, an animal of significant importance to the Aboriginal People. 

Approximate Size: 64cm x 20cm (25” x 8”).

Frame not included

Bulurru collaborate with Indigenous Artists and Communities around the Australian Continent who receive royalties for their designs.

 Due to precautionary measures, please expect delays in delivery.

This item does not form part of the Australia Day Branding Program grant

Code: AD113

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