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Michael O’Connell AM APM: Consulting Victimologist



After more than 20 years as a Police Officer assisting those affected by crime, Michael was appointed South Australia's (and Australia's) first Commissioner for Victims' Rights in 2006. Prior, Michael was SA’s first Victims of Crime Co-ordinator and, before that, the State’s first Victim Impact Statement Co-ordinator.  He is also the Secretary-General of the World Society of Victimology; Vice President of the NGO Alliance on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice; the Victim Advocate for Second Chances SA; Member of the International Network of Services for Victims of Terrorism; and, Foundation & Board Member of Victim Support Asia. As well, Michael is a White Ribbon Ambassador (since 2008) and Patron, Love Hope and Gratitude Foundation. 

Michael strives to ensure victims have a voice and attain voice recognition (i.e. they are heard). He lectures and writes in the field of victimology and holds degrees in social science and public policy and administration. In 1995 he was awarded the Australia Police Medal for his work to advance responses to the needs of victims of crime. In 2017 he became a Member of the Order of Australia.


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