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David Malinda: Agricultural Scientist & Educator


David was born and educated in Kenya.   He obtained a scholarship to study in the former Soviet Union acquiring his Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering Degree in 1969. He moved to Australia to do his post graduate degrees in 1979.

David progressed through University, to scientist, to international presenter, to community leader, to retirement and back to work as a teacher. As a scientist, he developed a new farming system which is not only widely sought in Australia but also overseas. As a community leader, he has contributed significantly to the healthy growth of the community and for many years was the African Community Leader in SA. He is the co-ordinator for the School participation component of Africa Week working with artists visiting schools and performing and conducting workshops for school children.

David has written a number of books and scientific papers and presented papers at numerous international conferences.

Awarded a “Hall of Fame 2013” award in Canberra for services to science and community engagements.


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