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Darrell Tree CV: First recipient of the Cross of Valour



In 1988 Darrell and his nephew tried valiantly to rescue his neighbour and his neighbour’s 3 year old son after their 4 wheel drive crane struck overhead power lines.

Apart from being badly electrocuted 3 times Darrell also suffered psychological trauma, 3 fractured vertebrae, 40% burns to his body requiring 96 stitches to burnt areas on his arms, back and feet (where doctors removed burnt skin and flesh), two skin grafts and also had his small toe amputated.  He also suffered blurred vision for several weeks after the event.

It was 3 months before Darrell could commence light duties around his farm.  With the help of his wife and family he then began the slow road to recovery.  Even today he still suffers from pain in his left shoulder, back and foot.

For his courage, Darrell was awarded the first Cross of Valour, the highest civilian award in Australia.


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