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We're all part of the story - Reflect, Respect, Celebrate

In 2020, The NADC launched a new campaign, The Story of Australia that calls on Australians to reflect, respect and celebrate on Australia Day. On Australia Day, we reflect on our nation’s past which began more than 65,000 years ago, the impact of European settlement on our First Australians and the waves of immigration that have helped us become one of the world’s greatest multicultural success stories. At the same time, we respect the contributions of everyday Australians, just like those in the campaign, and we celebrate by coming together and connecting with family, friends, community. Research completed in February 2020 found the campaign “encouraged a sense of belonging, relevance and positivity towards Australia Day”.
To assist local councils across Australia to share the message, the NADC has created new branding and design assets for Australia Day 2021, that follow the message of Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. We're all part of the story (Australia Day Designs). 

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Aussie Merchandise is a funding program conducted by the Australia Day Council of South Australia - a not for profit organisation. Any profits made from selling merchandise go directly to funding our Australia Day events and programs. 

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